Khana Khazana’s XXXL 1121


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  • 100% Natural: Our Rice is cultivated under natural circumstances, with no pesticides or chemicals used to grow. They are allowed to grow under proper care by our farmers. We believe in NO preservatives and NO chemical products.
  • Aged more than 1 year: To get the perfect aroma, texture, and taste our Traditional Basmati Rice is stored for more than 1 year. They are stored in a well-maintained storage without any rodents or dirt.
  • Non-sticky long Grains: Khana Khazana makes sure the rice is long and high in quality. This makes the rice non-sticky and gives the perfect texture required for eating.
  • Ideal for: Our XXXL 1121 Rice is ideal for making biryani, pulav, everyday rice, and other amazing rice dishes that you always wanted to try at home. Great Quality: We ensure all our products are free from any chemicals, are organic and natural. Aged perfected with fully automated packing, we deliver the best quality rice for your everyday consumption.

We know the efforts that go into making your perfect biryani, and that is why we take extra care while selecting the premium basmati for all your feasts. Khana khazana brings to you the most special basmati rice- biryani special. On cooking, it becomes exceptionally long fluffy and full of flavour. The result is an irresistible serving that delights everyone’s heart through its appearance and taste.

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 cm

1kg, 5kg


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