Urad dal


  • Khana Khazana is renowned for their unwavering commitment to 100% quality, as evidenced by their certifications from Indian Organic & Jaivik Bharat, recognizing them as a truly organic brand.
  • Khana Khazana’s legumes are 100% organic and no additives or preservatives are added. It is all-natural, just the way nature intended it to be.
  • Khana Khazana’s black Urad dal is loaded with Fibre, Protein & Calcium, giving you the confidence of a healthy food choice
  • Khana Khazana’s legumes are unpolished and unprocessed unlike the regular legumes available in the market thus giving you a rich taste and high nutrition
  • Once harvested, all Khana Khazana’s legumes pass through stringent quality checks to ensure only the best & highest quality dal reach you
  • Urad dal needs to be pre-soaked for at least 30-60 mins before it’s ready to cook
  • Exceptional quality is not a compromise at Khana Khazana, thanks to our collaboration with trusted farmers who uphold our uncompromising standards


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